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With over 9 years of legal experience, I am ready to help you plan and recover for life's toughest times. From divorce to wills and trusts, I have you covered with over 9 years of legal experience.

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At George Alan Holley Law, we provide the following legal services.

Divorce and Child Custody

We understand the impacts of divorce; it may seem that everything you have worked for is gone. There maybe nothing more legally impactful on your career, finances, friends, and life. At GAH Law we believe in navigating these waters respectfully, mindfully, and cordially whenever possible. If there are children, this is even more paramount. Having trouble getting timely consultations on the Western Slope? No problem! Are there emergency child custody issues? Just use our online scheduling tool for a free 15 minute consultation.

Estate Planning

Plan and prep to leave your estate as intact as possible. Losing a loved one is never easy and frequently becomes harder when that loved one does not have a clear will, trust, or other instrument allocating their property. When someone passes away without a will, this often leads to a long drug out process called probate where the government allocates your things in the way the government sees fit. Take control of your estate and help alleviate the stresses that come from life's greatest losses.


Trusts can, among other things, remove assets from one’s estate, carry out charitable intent, reduce income taxes, protect beneficiaries from spendthrift propensities, protect assets from becoming marital property in a divorce, protect assets from creditors, and provide lifetime income to one or more beneficiaries while providing the remainder interest to another generation of beneficiaries. Trusts can also provide privacy and confidentiality in the transfer of wealth (trusts avoid probate and the terms are confidential).


Wills can ensure who receives your property and how it is divided. Without them, your property could be divided according to how the Colorado State Legislature deems it appropriate. Often less expensive and less complex than trusts, wills can provide a great option for asset management. In addition, "living wills" or "advance directives" can ensure your future medical care.

Civil Protection Orders

Protection orders can be necessary for an endangered victim, or scary for those accused of presenting a danger. Regardless, the strict time requirements can present significant issues not limited to obtaining counsel. Find an attorney who can help you navigate through these issues.

Criminal Law

Have you been accused of violating the law? Is your liberty at stake? With over 9 years of prosecuting experience and approximately 50 criminal jury trials as a prosecutor, George Holley has the experience to help navigate these stressful waters. From bond to negotiation to trial strategy, find an attorney who understands how prosecutors think and how leverage works.

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About George Alan Holley Law

George Alan Holley Law is dedicated to helping our clients solve problems in a fair and level headed manner. Whether it be divorce, drafting a will, drafting a trust, or helping you with your business, you will get the attention to detail that you deserve. We pride ourselves not on quantity, but quality and and availability. Understanding that each client has their own non-negotiables, we seek creative solutions for complex problems while keeping it simple and empowering our clients.

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George has extensive litigation experience, moving into the civil law side of things after more than 9 years as a criminal prosecutor. Handling everything from attempted murder to sex assault on a child all the way down to DUIs and traffic violations, George has extensive litigation experience including trying approximately 50 trials. In addition, George has successful appellate experience handling successful appeals in People v. Cox, 475 P.3d 75 (Colo. 2018) and People v. Reiger, 2019 COA 14, 436 P.3d 610 (Colo.App. 2019).

George Holley


2019 21st Judicial District Attorney’s Office Employee of the Year. 2016 Colorado Welfare Fraud Council's Prosecutor of the Year.

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